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Something you might give to somebody (e.g. heart, love, present)

Something you might dance around (e.g. tree, May pole)

What did you to with my heart? (e.g. gave it away, stomped all over it)

An adjective to describe your ideal Christmas (e.g. white, magical)

Things you find at Christmas, plural (e.g. presents, fairy lights)

Something you eat at Christmas (e.g. sprouts, cake)

Something lavish that might be given at Christmas (e.g. fancy jewellery, sports cars)

Some creatures you find around at Christmas, plural (e.g. elves, snowmen)

Something you might hear at Christmas time (e.g. sleigh bells, reindeer hooves)

Two things you might do at Christmas time (e.g. dance, sing)

Four positive adjectives to describe a person (e.g. friendly, cheery)

Two negative adjectives to describe a person (e.g. lazy, greedy)

A place

The name of a love interest

What is this person (e.g. farmer, student)

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Quickly make a Christmas Song using a few words of your own or our automated keyword picker. We'll also create you a cover and song title.

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